Ring out the old and ring in the new,

Another year passes – yet one thing is true,

A thousand small blessings have slipped through my hands,

Moments uncountable, vast as the sands,

Ordinary days, that have come and then gone,

A sunrise, a sunset, a whisper, a song.

Times spent with family, long summer days,

Here for a moment, then gone in a haze,

I wish I could hold all these moments forever,

Time marches onward, but love ceases never.

So I’m thankful, so thankful, for all that has been,

For the highs and the lows and the bits in between,

This journey of life with it’s ups and its downs,

The trials the triumphs, the smiles and the frowns,

This life I’ve been given, I long to embrace,

To cherish each moment, each dear, precious face,

Yet to live in surrender, not grasping too tight,

To live for eternity, to walk in the light,

Knowing this life is a gift from above,

That it all comes from You, Oh great Father of Love.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I read this because I’m trying to change my dislike of poetry which began when I failed iambic pentameter. Actually I on failed to write same and decided to plagiarize a well known song of the time by the Kingston Trio. I can still recite – or sing – this ditty, and it went something like this (bear in mind I was a 16 year old immigrant boy with a scholarship to a prep school in Los Angeles): “So you better keep a movin’ and a don’t stand still, if the skeeters don’t get you then the gators will!” I actually got a C on it, but it crippled me insofar as poetry went. TS Elliot didn’t help either, but I actually just heard a sermon that related that TS was a Christian, and some of those poems actually made some sense.

    So here I am reading your poems! Thanks so much for liking my blog. And may the sweet Lord bless you, your family and may your blog attract tens of thousands!

    1. Thank you so much Franco – I, for one, love your 16 year old poem… Even if it was plagarised! .Ten out of ten for trying! Blessings to you for reading my attempts, and for your lovely wishes.

      1. You’re sweet, Angela, but I didn’t make myself clear. That was not my poem, it was a song from the Kingston Trio verbatim. My English lit class was so out of touch he graded me as if I had written it. Or maybe he didn’t want to have me expelled. I just don’t get meter in poetry or music. But I appreciate your poems!

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